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Frequently Asked Questions might help you get the information you're looking for!


The cost of the websites we produce can vary significantly based on the following 3 aspects:

  • Website Size (Essentially, how large is your project? How many pages, projects, posts, products etc., does your website require for launch.)
    * The smaller websites we create are often 5 to 15 pages in size, whilst the larger websites can be 50+ pages.
  • Website Scope (Essentially, what sort of functionality is required from the website. Is there any non-standard functionality required?)
    * A standard small business brochure site may contain standard functionality such as mobile responsiveness, an image gallery or a blog, for example. Whilst a more complex website may require Memberships, Events, Forums or eCommerce, for example.
  • Website Process (What is the process required by your business or organisation to deliver a new website?)
    * For small businesses, where we can deal directly with the business owner, we find an excellent streamlined website process. However, for larger organisations, we find that a more detailed approach is required to achieve success, such as on-premise meetings, website design phases, wireframes, sitemaps and additional rounds of revisions.

Website costs can also vary from provider to provider depending on each agencies interpretation of the brief. We always strive to get the most precise understanding of both your business and what you need to achieve.

Our Small Business Website Packages start at $1400 and can go up to €50k+ for highly customised and integrated eCommerce websites.

It’s essential to ensure you can meet and trust the agency responsible for delivering on your website project and form an ongoing relationship to handle any issues that may arise.

Our Small Business Website Packages our Process ensures you get your website up and running within 30 days. Some of our more comprehensive customised and integrated eCommerce solutions can take anywhere up to 12-18 weeks depending on the size, scope & process required.

It’s worth noting that a website project is a two-way street, and we typically find that delays can be caused by the client’s taking time to provide final content (words & images), feedback, & final approvals.

To get started with a new website simply visit our Get Started Page.

We have developed a Website Briefing Form to assist you in identifying the size, scope and process you need.

If you are unsure, just pick up the phone and call 083 027 68 63 and one of our friendly team can assist you.

Website Design Payment

A 50% initial invoice is issued and needs to be paid before the project commences. Upon final approval, a 50% final invoice is given before the launch of your website.
Click here to read our complete terms & conditions.

All Website Design Invoices can be paid via Direct Debit.

We do not accept credit card for Website Builds.


WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) platform that powers 39.5% in 2021 of all the websites on the Internet.

WordPress allows agencies like us to build beautiful websites for clients of all shapes and sizes while enabling our clients to easily and effectively publish content online.

WordPress is free (Open source), easy to use, customisable, scalable and most importantly, loved by Google (think SEO).

Given that, we believe there is no better solution than WordPress for our client’s day to day digital operations.

It is worthwhile to mention that on complex e-commerce systems, we also use Magento.

All of our websites are built using either the DIVI Theme or Elementor Page Builder. This allows us to custom design every website from the ground up for suitability and practicality.

The benefits of this method mean no more ‘page templates’ or having to go back to your web developer every time you would like to add a new section or introduce a unique design element to one of your pages.

The other key benefits of using DIVI & Elementor is that they are backed by two industry powerhouses that create and release multiple updates every year which we then in turn update for our clients to ensure their websites work perfectly well and bug-free.

Yes! At Digisol, we understand how important it is to have a website that looks amazing and functions perfectly across every device. Our websites are 100% mobile friendly and mobile responsive, so you don’t risk missing out on reaching potential new customers!

Website Hosting, Maintenance and Support

Whilst all of our client benefits significantly from our Hosting, Support & Maintenance plans; if you would like to self-manage your website hosting & maintenance, you are more than welcome.
If you chose to self-manage on an external website hosting provider and need us to perform the migration, a fee of €200 will be levied. Digisol requires 30 days notice to perform the migration.
If you are self-managing, you will need to purchase your relevant licences, perform your backups and do regular updates to ensure your website continues to work seamlessly.
Click here to read our complete terms & conditions.

Once your website has been launched, you’ll be invited to attend a website training session via Video Meeting at a suitable time as part of every project.

You will also have full access to Digisol Support by emailing us at info@digisol.ie or calling us directly on 083 027 68 63.

Yes. Digisol websites are designed to allow you to edit and add new content quickly and effortlessly. At any stage, you can add extra features to your website as your business grows. Never pay a web designer to correct a typo again!


With every website we create, we provide standard service, ‘On-Page SEO Optimisation’.

This is on-page and back-end optimisation on every website page for SEO that helps you with your ‘organic’ search results.

We do the following on every website we create:

  • Set up of Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Optimise every page as high as possible on Yoast (Results dependant on content)
  • Create Site Title and Tagline
  • Create Site-Wide Meta Description
  • Implement Focus Keyword & Meta Description on every page, project and post (Based on supplied Client Supplied)
  • Resize and optimise all images with File Naming Conventions
  • Implement Image ALT text on all on-page images, custom icons and featured images
  • Set up a suitable Heading H1, H2, H3 structures for SEO
  • Implement 301 Redirects

We do all of this based on the proviso of either

  • Clients supply to us the Meta Data to implement
  • We create Meta Data based on content provided

We offer PPC (Paid Ads), Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Digital Marketing.

For projects requiring Keyword Research or Content Writing services, we can provide a quote.

What if I have further questions?

Call us on 083 027 68 63 or simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.